The Concept of Marketing

by | Jul 14, 2022

In this article I’m going to express my opinion on the concept of marketing based on observations that I’ve made.

The general perspective on marketing in the green industry is flawed.

I hope to help business owners reshape their mindset on the concept of marketing, so that they can make better decisions for their businesses and livelihood.

Your hard earned money should be used wisely.


I get asked a LOT,
“How much will this make me in return?”

and my answer is usually something along the lines of:

“I can’t guarantee you a single dollar”.

Because although we’re good at what we do. We’re not magic, and neither is marketing.


Humans tend to look for that get rich quick and guaranteed opportunity, marketing is not that.

It’s natural to wish for things to be a certain way, but reality prevents that from happening.

The reality is that there’s no such thing as putting $1,000 into marketing (or anything) and getting a guaranteed number of ANY kind back, not even $1.

Anyone that tells you otherwise is using a sales tactic to peak your interest.

There’s too many variables in play that don’t allow for this to happen and I’m going to break it down for you.


Picture a world where every landscaping business in your area can put $500 into the local Mr. Marketing Shop and get 5 clients immediately worth $5,000!!!

Not only is this very enticing for all local landscapers, but it’s also intriguing to others looking to start a business. Who in their right mind would pass on that!?!?


Suddenly you have too much supply, and not enough demand.

Too many landscapers are doing marketing and now there’s not enough customers to go around.

This is because you have removed tons of variables from the game such as Skill, Pricing, Efficiency, Consistency and so much more.

Marketing no longer exists in this fantasy get rich quick world… SAD!


NOW you have something called competition that comes into play.

Where landscapers have all these different levels of variables.

Suddenly, Mr. Marketer is losing his clients because they’re finding ways to get clients for less, with new strategies and innovation.

The other landscapers who can’t be bothered to attempt marketing, go out of business.

Supply and Demand is back, and this fantasy world is saved!


I wonder if this world had Karens?


The Market is the Market, and MARKETING is simply deploying strategic efforts in an attempt to win the acceptance of said market.

The attention of the market cannot be bought, at least long-term.

That’s why you follow where the attention is and learn to live there.

There’s no way to guarantee that the market will like your thing, regardless of the strategy used.


You pay REAL marketing agencies like Green Marketing to use their experience with both the green industry, and the plethora of marketing techniques.

Placing you where the attention is while dressing you up all sexy like to attract new customers with your slick website and shiny social media.


Marketing is about putting your business/brand in front of your target audience repeatedly with a message that resonates with them.

Building trust, interest and creating a pool of leads to pick and choose from.

This is done through content mostly utilizing different platforms for what they’re good at while staying contextual to each platform.


Now that you have something to think about to hopefully challenge your concept of Marketing.

I would like you to deploy this concept when you consider who you’re hiring to help you.

Mr. Marketer is definitely out there and he has allllll the sales tricks in the world to MAKE YOU FILTHY RICH!!!

No ethical marketer will ever give you any type of guarantee.

If they do it better be backed up by a contract that can be held up in court, and you better be prepared to take that into action.

Otherwise a guarantee is absolutely worthless.


The real goal of ours at Green Marketing is to create an ecosystem of ALL platforms and tools that feed each other.

Being in front of your audience 17 times in 4 days is what we’re after.

Showcasing your core values and quality of work, letting it speak for itself. Rather than shoving sales down the throats of your consumer.

Give them a little taste of why your meal is so delicious. The ingredients, the prep, the experience…

Create trust and authority, success will follow!


This is not an attack on anyone or their tactics. Everyone has their own life circumstances and usually offer these types of things out of ignorance, or desperation. I have empathy for them and hope if this article reaches you, that you can find a better way to excel! I’m open to all and would be happy to help both Mr. Marketers find their way, and green industry business owners reach their goals. Send us an email at and let’s see how our team can help =]