Avengers Assemble

by | Jul 29, 2022

We can all agree that the Avengers have provided some serious cinematic entertainment through the years. But if you pay attention, there are many lessons business owners can take away from the movies too! We promise we are not pulling a Loki and deceiving you. Instead, we’ve ASSEMBLED twelve of the biggest takeaways from Marvel movies for entrepreneurs to consider.

Tony Stark was a branding expert, and you should follow his lead.

Was his ego larger than life? Definitely! So maybe don’t copy that character trait, but the guy had some serious style. Remember Iron Man 2 when even his backup dancers had Iron Man costumes? Or Endgame, when even the infinity gauntlet he created had the colors and style of his suit? Tony Stark understood how to choose some colors and stick with them! You should do the same! On any brand materials, whether you create them or have them made for you, sticking to the same color scheme as your logo makes for a more professional look. Consumers will notice this before your actual message! Since it takes people a matter of seconds to form an opinion about your brand, style matters and can be the actual difference between gaining a new customer or losing one.

Don’t be intimidated by the big guy!

Thor was a god. Iron Man had some impressive tech, and Hulk could seriously smash some stuff when the time came. But you didn’t see Hawkeye being too concerned about his lack of armor or the minimal amount of arrows in his quiver. Black Widow just had some epic flexibility on her side, but no super strength, and she could still kick some serious butt. The point is that there will always be bigger brands out there, and they might seem more intimidating, but that doesn’t mean that your brand cannot shine and be successful too!

Evolve over time.

Hulk didn’t remain the big green monster smashing stuff that he was in the first Avengers movie. By the last one, he was wearing glasses and clothes while discussing complex science concepts. But he had to step out of his comfort zone (and into a radiation tank) to do so. In the same way, you can evolve by gaining knowledge of your industry and marketing to continue educating yourself. As a small business starting out, it is okay to work towards bigger goals. You might not be able to get all your branding or the website you want right away in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress by consistently evolving over time! It is a marathon and not a sprint.

Do your research.

The Avengers constantly were using their formidable technology and the SHIELD resources to find out the scoop on whatever enemies they faced. Whether it is learning more about your industry, looking up the SEO keywords your competitors utilize, or analyzing the insights on your social media page, there’s a wealth of information out there to help you succeed in any area of business. All you need is the time to do the necessary research.

Prioritize mental health.

When things went south for the Avengers, and they made a few mistakes, they had no problem retreating to Hawkeye’s secret home base. Owning a business can be extremely overwhelming, and it is easy to become consumed with the daily tasks necessary for your operations. But, if you put off self-care and mental health, they can snowball into much bigger issues. So, take a break when it is needed! The work will still be there, and you’ll be able to handle the pressures better if you have had time to relax and reset your mind.

Vision is key.

Unfortunately, we can’t all have a robot powered by an infinity stone at our disposal, but your vision for your company should always be on your mind. Developing your overall vision and larger, macro goals is a necessary step, but the micro goals you take to keep you on track are just as important. The Avengers needed Vision to beat Ultron, and keeping your vision for your brand in the back of your head can lead you to a major win too! This will ultimately guide you in your decision-making processes.


Mistakes can happen in an instant.

It took Thanos one second to snap his fingers and wipe out half the population. They lost Phil Coulson, Black Widow, and Iron Man through the years, but they never gave up, and business owners cannot either. The losses and mistakes may be devastating, but how you recover from them is what truly defines your company. You cannot control everything, and neither could the Avengers, but you can control how you respond to the crisis. Even if a Karen leaves you a terrible review, your response will speak volumes to the potential customers checking out your business page.

Avengers Assemble

Transparency is always appreciated.

Tony Stark held a press conference to tell the world he was Iron Man. He didn’t keep his identity a secret, and neither should you. Consumers indicate that they like learning more about the people behind the brands they follow on social media. Sharing more about your story also builds trust with your audience, and that trust can turn into valuable leads over time. The stories on Facebook and Instagram are great places to post pictures or videos of your team and keep your business at the top of the news feed too! Since they disappear in 24 hours, they won’t take away from the important posts about your services.

Groot Communication

Business owners need Groot, uh… we mean great communication. In fact, Groot caused some major problems for his team. He never rephrased his message, even when people didn’t understand him. Don’t be like Groot. Sending clear and consistent messages to your customers and staff will save you a lot of trouble. When there are inevitable communication breakdowns, make sure you explain your expectations and intent to help clear things up as quickly as possible.


Procrastination can really ruin things for your business.

Stuck making a decision? Sometimes this leads to indecision and, ultimately, procrastination. Take a cue from Steve Rogers and don’t wait too long, or you’ll lose your Agent Carter, or worse, you could end up a Cap-sicle, frozen and unable to progress in certain areas.

Don’t underestimate your competition.

Remember when Iron Man said no one could come close to his level of technology in his second movie? Shortly after, he got his race car sliced in half by Ivan Vanko, and he had Pepper Potts screaming in his face while the world watched him fail. Unfortunately, he didn’t learn that lesson in the next movie, and he said no one could beat him. Then a bunch of terrorists blew up his mansion and nearly killed him, causing severe anxiety and panic attacks. Our point? Your competition is coming for you. Be ready. Outperform them with SEO keywords, quality services, superior customer service, and an award-winning social media presence, and you can avoid making Tony Stark’s mistakes.

Sometimes you need to make new friends.

In Civil War, Tony Stark had to make friends with a friendly neighborhood kid from Queens to help him win a battle. If you find yourself caught in a web of confusion when it comes to branding, SEO, ads., and social media, you’ve got options! Luckily, if marketing isn’t your strong point, you can find a hero or team of heroes to help you tackle this area so you can focus on what you do best and run your business! Green Marketing isn’t located in Wakanda, so we are a lot easier to find if you need some tech-savvy individuals to help you build your digital marketing presence. Our services are also more affordable than vibranium but just as powerful.

We can’t have a Marvel-themed blog without a post-credit tip, right?

Even if you have some serious competition in your area, remain respectful at all times. Showing that you respect your staff is important too because employees who feel valued always work harder! Of course, you always want to avoid a Civil War if possible. Being cocky never helped Dr. Strange or Iron Man. It won’t help you either.

Kimberly Tice

Kimberly Tice


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