How Starting a Business and Getting a Tattoo Are Similar

by | Aug 6, 2022

If you have any tattoos, you know that getting some ink is not a simple process. Since they last forever, you want to make sure a tattoo is done right! While there is no such guarantee that a business will last forever, taking the proper steps can help ensure success in developing a lasting brand. Oddly enough, following the steps required in the inking process can help you make it in business too! Don’t see how the two are related? Read on!

Planning is required!

Indeed, some people prefer a more fun and carefree approach when getting a tattoo. They don’t put a lot of thought into it and act on a whim, but more often than not, a lot of planning goes into the process. People consider the placement of the tattoo, the design, the meaning behind it, and many other variables. Starting a business requires endless amounts of preparation. The fact is, everything runs smoother with a good plan in place. Besides preparing the obvious things like financial accounts, expense estimates, license documentation, hiring procedures, CRMs, and marketing strategies, it is imperative to plan out the goals you have for your business.

Obviously, the goal is to succeed, but you need to record and frequently assess your long-term and short-term goals. It is generally easy to develop long-term goals, and you probably already know what they are because you have been thinking about them since you first considered starting a company. However, many people forget about creating short-term goals. These are the stepping stones to reaching those bigger aspirations and should never be forgotten. Small steps are what get you to enormous progress. Staying on track with micro-goals allows you to reach the macro ones.

As you start to get involved in developing a business, it is also important to frequently assess your progress on the short-term goals. If you aren’t reaching them, consider the reasons and adjust your plan accordingly.

The right design really matters!

When it comes to choosing a tattoo, you want the design to be perfect. The same is true of the logo and brand materials required for a new business. Since it only takes consumers a matter of seconds to make a judgment about your business based on your logo, an upscale design is required. The goal is for people to walk away from your brand with positive feelings. This dramatically increases the chances that they will do business with you in the future. The science is simple: a premium logo design sends the message to potential customers that your services are premium too. The right logo and brand materials can also make your company more memorable for those consumers that aren’t ready for your services, but will be in the future.

It’s going to hurt…
Everyone knows tattoos hurt. You don’t book the appointment without preparing mentally for some pain. Unfortunately, people don’t always mentally prepare adequately for the pains of being a business owner. Instead, they tend to focus on how great it will be when they make it big. It is best to remember that there will be struggles and growing pains. Approaching these trials and tribulations with a growth mindset can really help. Instead of looking at setbacks as failures, keep in mind that each one is a lesson and an opportunity to learn how to do it better next time!

Do you need shading?
Shading on a tattoo can add some serious style to your design. However, if you have gotten some ink with shading, you know that this addition can be the most painful part of the process. When it comes to your business, we recommend you skip the shading because it can make things more painful for your brand too! Don’t throw shade at your competition, and be upfront with your customers. It will leave you with fewer headaches in the long run!

Avoid the burn!
The proper care after a tattoo is essential. You want your investment to last. Getting a dark tan, or worse, a sunburn, is not recommended shortly after getting some ink. For business owners, it’s best to avoid the burn too… burnout, that is! It can be so easy to become heavily involved in the day-to-day tasks required to keep your company afloat. This is especially true when you are just beginning to build your brand. As difficult as it may seem, it is crucial to schedule some time for self-care, health, and overall wellness. You cannot help others if you aren’t taking care of yourself properly. By avoiding burnout and resting, you’ll actually find your productivity will improve.

Stay sharp!
You need a sharp tool to get the job done for tattooing. The same is true for business. The right tools can make all the difference when it comes to efficiency. Do your research and make sure you carefully evaluate CRMS in terms of costs and tasks they can simplify for you on a daily basis. You’ll also want to consider the ease of use for each possible system because you don’t want to dump hours into learning a CRM that you ultimately decide not to utilize. We’ve seen this happen many times! There are plenty of options, and some are much more user-friendly than others.

You need the right team!
Choosing the right tattoo artist will get you the best results. The same can be said when choosing your employees and your marketing team. That’s where we come in! The Green Marketing team might not be able to give you a tattoo, but we can definitely add color to your brand! We are available for all your brand development, website, SEO, advertising, or social media needs. Also, unlike getting a tattoo, we can promise that the process won’t be painful at all- except for your competition!

Kimberly Tice

Kimberly Tice


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