The High School Approach to SEO

by | Aug 21, 2022

Remember being in high school? Good times right? Well… maybe not so much. The insecurities… the rejection… the hormones… the acne… Most people would agree that the prime of their life did not occur in grades nine through twelve. But, of course, this does not apply to the elite few in the popular crowd. Those coveted slots were hard to obtain… but not impossible!

As a business owner, you definitely want your website to be one of “the cool kids.” Every company wants its site to rank at the top of a Google search. It is the ultimate form of victory. Having your site on page one of a search will generate more organic traffic to your page, which will increase your leads and overall awareness of your brand. Using a strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way to accomplish this monumental task.

Without the right content or a proper plan for SEO in place, your site will go unnoticed, like a high school nerd. Since the beginning of time, geeks have learned the hard way that having a great personality just isn’t enough to fit in with the popular crowd. The same is true of web pages. No matter how excellent your site’s design is, it will never rank highly without SEO strategies. It can look amazing, but Google does not rank sites based on their looks alone.

Over time, we all come to realize that being popular in high school just isn’t that important. However, being popular on Google is key when it comes to websites.

Why is SEO so important?


Think about the last time you went to Google to look something up. Did you look past the search results on page one? Probably not. In fact, only 1% of people look through several Google search pages. So if your website isn’t ranking highly, no one will see it. This decreases your organic page traffic and, worse, potential leads.

While it is hard for a “geek” to transform into a star athlete, it is possible. Students of mid-level popularity have a much better chance of moving up the social ranks. Believe it or not, using the right SEO strategy is comparable to climbing the social ladder in high school. Following the steps teens use to shift their social standing is very similar to using a solid SEO strategy.

Taking a cue from these kids can help your website rank where it needs to be. With the right SEO plan, your site will be stealing nerdy sites’ lunch money for years to come! So how do you do it?

The High School Approach to SEO
Familiarizing yourself with the proper terminology used by the cool kids can help you fit in! In high school, this means using the most up-to-date slang. Regarding websites, there is no need to consult the urban dictionary. Instead, familiarize yourself with the most important keywords relevant to your industry. You’ll need to study the popular teens in your area, or in this case, your competitors’ websites. By analyzing their keywords, you can understand what terms you need to use to outperform them.

Once you know the keywords you want to target, you’ll need to use them in your page content. Just like a teen trying to fit in, it is important that you do not try too hard. The popular crowd can smell that a mile away. The same is true for website builds! It is vital that you do not overuse the words, as this results in “keyword stuffing,” which is frowned upon by Google.

Kids these days like to “flex on the gram.” Too old to be familiar with this term? It refers to the practice of taking photos at exciting or fun places and sharing them on Instagram. High-quality photos can help your site look cooler too! More importantly, you can add Alt text titles and descriptions with your SEO keywords to help drive traffic to your page!

Popular kids tend to have different roles in their social structure. There’s the jock, the prom queen, the class clown, and countless other titles in the complex high school social hierarchy. Defining yourself can help you develop your place in the crowd. Your website pages are no different. Having an H1 title on your page helps your content rank on google by clearly defining the topic of each page. This is a crucial step you do not want to skip!

In school, the longer you remain a geek, the harder it becomes to change your social status. Plus, high school is only four years, and you don’t want that reputation following you around, so time is of the essence! Speed is crucial for your website too. If your pages load slowly, it negatively affects your SEO rankings. There is another vital thing to consider here too. In general, people have a short attention span. Even if they are interested in your services, once they get to your site, if it is not loading properly, you risk losing them because they got too frustrated to wait. They can just as quickly find another site in seconds to meet their needs.

The SEO experts
Every jock knows that passing grades are essential if they want to stay on the team. So they enlist the help of the smart kids when homework assignments and significant papers are due. It might be wrong, but it gets them the results they need. Luckily this is an option for business owners too, and it isn’t considered unethical! Green Marketing has a team of nerdy writers, web developers, and graphic artists to get the job done and help you win the Google game! So if you want to increase your ranking, we are here to support you and your business!

Kimberly Tice

Kimberly Tice


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