The Algorithm of Success

by | Oct 3, 2022

I want this to be a piece that gives you a new perspective on how to find success, and hack the algorithm!

As I continue to navigate my journey as an agency owner/operator, and life itself. I believe I’m starting to discover some patterns that not only have tangible evidence of existence but make logical sense. This is my attempt at putting my observations of what I would call “the algorithm of success” onto paper.

Before I get into the patterns that I believe show a glimpse of the algorithm, let’s define what an algorithm actually is. The definition is “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.” With that definition being the structure to this thought process, it means that there’s a Creator. We may refer to it as God, The Universe, Energy, Serendipity etc… Let’s refer to it simply as “The Creator”, and “It”.

Pretending to be The Creator, I would want my creation of life to have meaning/purpose, also categorized as success. It’s not something that should be given to you, otherwise everyone would have it and it’s no longer special. Creating an algorithm to reward those who strive for it is a good way to encourage the pursuit of “success”. I used to tell myself that asking The Creator for things was selfish, there’s more important things in life and it doesn’t have time for my silly requests. Then I put my business hat on and thought to myself, “what happens when I don’t have time for something?” I automate it and create a system for it, or delegate.

The Creator is not shifting through email requests and picking which ones to respond to. It created filters, systems, algorithms to categorize different requests. Different categories trigger different workflows, checklists, deliverables, ROI. The idea that life is one giant simulation isn’t too far off with this concept. It really explains a lot, especially if you understand how complex systems can actually become at the human level of our current capabilities. Imagine what we can create in 10,000 years of accelerated innovation, it’s almost scary.

Now that we have that basic foundation laid with a concept to build on, let’s get into some examples of evidence that support the existence of this algorithm.

  • Manifestation
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Fake it till you make it
  • Will it into existence
  • Setting your mind to it

These are all commonly used to explain achieving success, and can be directly associated with success a lot of the time. They all stem from the same root, which is consciously putting your time. energy, focus, and effort into success. The ingredient is the same but it’s packaged into many different capsules by humans trying to articulate the source. This very instance is an example of trying to do so.

Let it also be known that success looks different for everyone, it’s a fluid word that has no true definition in my humble opinion. Success for me is something that changes as you learn more about how the algorithm works, the rules, the infinite journey of progression. What a neat theory, an Adaptable Algorithm that changes based on your definition of success…

It all starts with defining what success is, in your mind. What does it look like to you? Before you plant the seed, you have to find it! Be careful that you don’t mistakenly choose a seed that you think is success only because society tells you so. You have to find the thing that you want in the core of your being, which is likely a selfless result of some sort. Personally, I want to have a positive impact on lives at scale. I nurture that seed in various ways. My thoughts, actions, “Prayer”, conversations, DREAMS! It’s all cohesively flowing together, creating the water source, sunlight, nutrients etc for this seed to grow.

Action in these various ways will show the algorithm that you’re after [INSERT THING]. You’re now in the game, and you’re venturing through various stages. If you choose to play a Wizard Character in a video game, the game will drop you loot relevant to a Wizard Build. It’s that simple. You still have to progress through the game for better loot, but what’s important to understand is that the loot is predetermined by the Character you choose to play with! The actions you take in life will generate the type of opportunities that fit into the type of “Success” you chose. The sad thing is that most don’t ever choose, and they get defaulted into a mindless void.

What’s really fascinating to me here is the concept of luck. Personally I believe everything happens for a reason, EVERYTHING. I think luck is determined by the algorithm somehow and is directly connected to your actions. The same applies to opportunity. I know that when I follow this theory, I receive opportunities out of nowhere. Things just fall out of the sky and happen without any direct cause and effect. When I don’t follow this theory, nothing happens, absolutely nothing. It’s the algorithm’s reward thanking me for playing.

The Creator WANTS YOU TO PLAY! It wants you to succeed. Why would it want its creation to not play the game it’s built? We’re not meant to relax, live in comfort, take it easy. Imagine booting up your Wizard Character and being forced to watch it stand there for days on end… The Wizards lifespan is being wasted and the reason you created it to begin with was to grow to its fullest potential. We’re meant to challenge ourselves on our journey to success. The rewards scale with each challenge to push us further and further.

That doesn’t mean you can push 24/7, you’re human. I heard something from Jim Rohn that went something like: “The objective in life should never be rest, rest is a necessity not the objective. Too much rest and the weeds will start to grow in your garden”. Such a powerful truth summarized in a couple sentences.

I find that another component at play is somewhat like a currency that’s generated through integrity and “karma”. When you’re faced with decisions that either align with your beliefs or don’t, there’s a record kept of those decisions. No matter how big or small, it’s the principle that matters. Choosing to do a poor job for a bad customer by taking shortcuts may feel good because you value your time and they don’t. Yet it goes directly against your belief in providing a service with unmatched quality and attention to detail. You’ve let the judgment of others control your energy output in a negative way. Who’s really winning here?

It’s important to be mindful, self-aware, and conscious of everything you do. Otherwise how could we ever expect to improve something that’s never been measured? “I’m going to be a better person”, but I don’t know what person I am now. Makes no sense and you’re doing a disservice to both you and The Creator. You don’t lose any currency because you haven’t done anything horrendously bad, but you certainly aren’t gaining. Don’t you want to grow in this game of life? Your heart will say yes, but the insecurities burned into your mind by your upbringing will scream no with a fear driven cry.

Take control of your game and stop letting others play it for you. They’re only trying to play yours because they messed up theirs so bad that they’re afraid to look their character in the eyes. They’ve created a monster and the only escape is to live through someone else. Meanwhile making the same mistakes they originally made, truly sad. Don’t let your character be possessed by the subjective ideologies of others. Live your own life to the fullest, because no one except you has to live with the results.

Build what I call a Hero Archetype, which is just a conscious effort of defining good and bad without ego/bias. Strive towards that hero version of yourself and understand that perfection doesn’t exist. You will make mistakes, have bad days and just outright fail. The beauty of life is that you consistently have the opportunity to try again and do it better than yesterday, until one day you don’t. Self-Judgment creates bias and that affects your archetype. Recognize your good decisions, celebrate them by letting them soak in your thoughts for a while. “I’m happy that I decided to do the right thing”. Face your bad decisions, tell them that next time they won’t win so easily and store them in your inventory as a reminder to something you’re ready to get better at.

Do these things and the algorithm will treat you well. Let’s pretend though that it won’t actually have any effect on the algorithm. You have done all these things just to build a better character without a single stroke of luck, magical opportunity or miracle. Is that really so bad? Don’t forget that the reason you’re playing isn’t to receive some unexpected bonus. It’s to put yourself in a high enough position to help other players reach higher levels. Being at the top is lonely, plus nothing is more rewarding then the action of lifting someone up when they’re down.

Let this be the unlocking of the algorithm for the both of us, and let’s make The Creator proud.